Dec 17, 2011

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Week ending Friday December 16, 2011   

Readers' Choice / Most Read Views...

  1. John R. MacArthur: President Obama Richly Deserves to Be Dumped

  2. Ralph Nader: Congressional Tyranny, White House Surrender

  3. Robert Fisk: Bankers are the Dictators of the West

  4. Robert Reich: The Remarkable Political Stupidity of the Street

  5. Sam Pizzigati: Presenting America's Ten Greediest of 2011

  6. Diane Ravitch: A Nation's Education Left Behind

  7. David Morris: Occupy Economics Departments

  8. John Atcheson: The Walmartization of America Redux: How the Relentless Drive for Cheap Stuff Undermines Our Economy, Bankrupts Our Soul, and Pillages the Planet

  9. Jackie Smith: How Elite Media Strategies Marginalize the Occupy Movement

  10. Tom Engelhardt: The 1% Election: How to Turn Election Year Into Election Life

Readers' Choice / Most Read News...

  1. Arctic Methane Plumes Foretell Climate Feedback Catastrophe
    Russian research team astonished after finding 'fountains' of methane bubbling to surface.

  2. Local Bookstores Ask Customers To Boycott Amazon Over New Price Check App Offer
    Should people boycott Amazon? Increasing numbers of retailers and publishers have been daring to ask the question, in the face of aggressive tactics by the book industry leader.

  3. Iraq Exit: 'US Destroyed Country, Now They Are Leaving'
    Iraqi people greet pullout ceremony with ambivalence mixed with concern over an uncertain future.

  4. Fukushima Evacuations Too Late Outside No-Go Zone
    High exposure to radiation possible before officials acted.

  5. Federal Bureau of Entrapment: The FBI in Post-9/11 America
    In June, four men were jailed for 25 years over a US terror plot. The FBI painted them as dedicated fanatics, but were they lured by the promise of cash from a fake informant?

  6. Veto Threat Lifted, US House Passes 'Indefinite Detention' Bill
    House of Representatives approves defense bill including moves to allow terror suspects to be detained indefinitely.

  7. US Military On Way Out of Iraq, US Corporations On Way In
    Al-Maliki said U.S. corporations in all economic sectors could find opportunities to help rebuild in Iraq, in a speech delivered with many business leaders in attendance.

  8. Report: US Drones Come Home
    Predator drones are being used in domestic law enforcement cases, raising concerns that the aircraft are being deployed beyond the missions that Congress originally authorized them for.

  9. NASA: Climate Change to Deeply Modify Earth's Ecosystems
    By 2100, global climate change will modify plant communities covering almost half of Earth's land surface.

  10. Fight Heats Up to End Corporate Personhood
    It's been nearly two years since an intensely divided Supreme Court solidified the idea of corporate personhood by ruling that political spending by corporations is protected as a form of free speech.

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