Dec 17, 2011

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News & Views | 12.16.11
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Jason Hickel: How to Occupy the World
Calls Needed Now to Obama to Stop Tar Sands Pipeline
NASA: Climate Change to Deeply Modify Earth's Ecosystems
Desmond Tutu Urges Trinity Church to Allow Occupy Protester Camp
Emanuel Accused of Preemptive Assault on G20 Protests
Fight Heats Up to End Corporate Personhood
Bradley Manning Pre-Trial Hearing Opens Amid Tight Security (Live Twitter Feed)
and more...
Happy World Travel In the Age of the War on Terror
and more...
Ted Rall: Obama's "Mission Accomplished"
William K. Black: Dante's Divine Comedy: Banksters Edition
Philip Caper: Do We Need Health Insurance?
John Atcheson: The Walmartization of America Redux: How the Relentless Drive for Cheap Stuff Undermines Our Economy, Bankrupts Our Soul, and Pillages the Planet
Paul Buchheit: Don't Any of You Corporations Pay Your Taxes?
Maude Barlow: How To Save Our Great Lakes
Earthjustice: Arctic Attack in House Funding Bill; Many Anti-Environmental Provisions Dropped from Must-Pass Bill
Amnesty International Releases New Short Film Inspired by Abusive National Security Policies
Bradley Manning Support Network: Veterans and Supporters of Bradley Manning Demonstrate at Gates of Fort Meade Hearing
and more...

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