Dec 27, 2011

Cheat Sheet - GOP Candidates’ $10M Iowa Ad Tab

Today: 2012 Economic Outlook: Why Things Are Better Than We Think , Sears, Kmart to Close 100 Stores , Tens of Thousands Protest in Syria
The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet: Afternoon

December 27, 2011

Rick Perry's chances of winning the White House—or even the primary—are slim, but it's not for lack of exposure. The Texas governor has spent $2.86 million in December alone on TV ads in Iowa. In fact all of the Republican candidates have outspent their predecessors in advertising during this campaign. Together, each of the GOP presidential hopefuls and the political action committees that love them have shelled out more than $10 million in radio and TV advertisements in Iowa this month. After Rick Perry, Mitt Romney's super PAC has spent the second most on ads—$2.85 million. As the candidates get ready for the caucuses this week, ads are expected to get heavier—and nastier.

The U.S. is not in desperate times. But Americans believe that we are. From unemployment to debt to manufacturing, The Daily Beast's Zachary Karabell on why things are looking up for 2012—really.

Sears Holding announced on Tuesday that they are being forced to shut down up to 120 Sears and Kmart stores due to a drop in holiday sales. The stores to be closed have yet to be identified. Sears Holding said that stores open for up to a year were down 5.2 percent for sales in the eight weeks leading up to Christmas Day, and shares of the company have tumbled almost 50 percent in the past year. Analysts said the company is suffering from a combined weakness in the economy and growth on online sales.


As Arab peace monitors arrived on Tuesday to monitor Homs, about 70,000 protesters stormed the volatile Syrian city, resisting Army efforts to keep them at bay. Tuesday's protests followed the withdrawal of Army tanks after bloody battles that resulted in 34 deaths in 24 hours. The monitors are in town to see if Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is holding up his promise to end the nine-month-long military crackdown on civilians and implement a legitimate peace plan. Despite clashes in the street, the head of the Arab peace mission said the first visit was "very good."


Republican strategists are perking up with today's news from Sen. Ben Nelson, who will officially announce that he is retiring after two terms. Nelson, a Democrat, rebuffed a quiet campaign from his party's elders to persuade him to stay and help prevent his seat from falling into Republican hands—highly likely in the Cornhusker State. Nelson quits with $3 million in his campaign coffers and a solid approval rating. Former senator Bob Kerrey has reportedly been flirting with a run once the post opens up. In 2012, 23 Democratic-controlled seats will be up for grabs in the Senate, while the GOP will need to defend only 10.

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