Dec 14, 2011

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Air Too Dangerous to Breathe: How Gas Drilling Can Turn Rural Communities Into Industrial Wastelands [With Photos]

Drilling is just the tip of the iceberg. Compressor stations have been associated with significant headaches, bloody noses, skin lesions, blisters, and rashes. READ MORE

Nina Berman / AlterNet

Presenting the Ten Greediest Americans of 2011

You don't have to make a million to rate as an all-star greedster. You do have to be ruthless, self-absorbed and grossly insensitive. READ MORE

Sam Pizzigati / Too Much: A Commentary on Excess and Inequality

Don't 'Occupy the Democratic Party' -- Four Lessons From the Populist Movement

History suggests that it will take significant hard-core organizing lasting years if not decades to create the infrastructure for a new movement. READ MORE

Les Leopold / AlterNet

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'Global Battlefield' Provision Allowing Indefinite Detention of Citizens Accused of Terror Could Pass This Week

Lawmakers are looking to vote as soon as Thursday on the final National Defense Authorization, which has outraged civil liberties advocates. READ MORE

By Rania Khalek / AlterNet


We've Come a Long Way in 2011, From Depression and Heartbreak to Authentic Hope for the Future -- Help Us Keep Going

If we have done a good job, if we have kept you informed, stimulated and inspired, we hope you will make a contribution. READ MORE

By Don Hazen / AlterNet


Supreme Court and Justice Department on Collision Course Over Texas Redistricting and Minorities' Voting Rights

The Roberts court may insert itself into partisan politics to a degree not seen since the 2000 Florida recount, which installed George W. Bush as president. READ MORE

By Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet


A Challenger for Obama? Progressive Former Mayor Rocky Anderson Enters Race With New Third Party

Vowing to fight the influence of money over politics, Anderson kicked off his campaign Monday. READ MORE

By Amy Goodman / Democracy Now!


Gingrich Proposed the Death Penalty for Pot Smokers -- Even Though He Admitted to Smoking it Himself

Newt Gingrich proposed the death penalty for marijuana in 1997, and yet he is one of the 100 million Americans who have smoked marijuana. READ MORE

By David Edwards / Raw Story

Gingrich's Iowa Lead Taking a Dive
By Adele M. Stan | AlterNet


Victims of the Recession: New Report Shows 1 in 45 Children Are Homeless Annually, a 38% Increase Since 2007
By Kristen Gwynne | AlterNet


Boycott Bigotry: Following Lowe's Anti-Muslim Cowardice, Enraged Entertainers and Politicians Urge a Boycott
By Tanya Somanader | Think Progress


More Corruption: How Ohio Republicans Will Redistrict the State to Empower Themselves and Save the GOP Millions
By Kristen Gwynne | AlterNet


Women to Obama: We Are BEYOND CRANKY Over Plan B
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


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