Dec 4, 2011

20 Ways Obama Violated Your Rights | I Said No to My Student Loan | GOP Guru Terrified of OWS


GOP Propaganda Guru Scared to Death of Occupy -- 10 Ways He's Trying to Spin the Movement

For decades, Frank Luntz has been fooling low-information voters into supporting unpopular policies. He's scared of OWS because the movement exposes his lies. READ MORE

Mark Howard / AlterNet

GOP Can't Erase Dems From Political Map

The GOP has faced unexpected setbacks in the redistricting process. READ MORE

Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet

Women's Media Center Awards Night Celebrates the Vision and Vigor of Female Journalists

The media industry is overwhelmingly male-dominated and rife with sexist portrayals of women. But a bold organization is determined to change all that. READ MORE

Lynn Parramore / AlterNet

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From Occupation to "Occupy": The Israelification of American Domestic Security

The Israelification of America's security apparatus, recently unleashed against the OWS, has taken place at every level of law enforcement. READ MORE

By Max Blumenthal / al-akhbar


20 Ways the Obama Administration Has Intruded on Your Rights

Is there a fundamental difference between the Bush presidency and the Obama presidency in the area of domestic civil liberties? READ MORE

By Bill Quigley / AlterNet


I Said No to My Student Loan: One Borrower's Decision to Stop Paying

I am aware of the total lack of consumer protection associated with student debt. But I took a long, hard look at the numbers, and I realized that I am already a slave. READ MORE

By Natalia Antonova / AlterNet


Why Are Americans So Desperate to Marry Off Our Single Women?

A new Atlantic story "marriagability" has stirred the predictable panic about women who stay single. READ MORE

By Hadley Freeman / The Guardian


Georgia Keeps Kids Languishing in Foster Care Because Their Parents Are Undocumented

A custody fight in Georgia illustrates the biases of a foster care system that subverts the parental rights of undocumented and non-English speaking parents. READ MORE

By Marie Diamond / ThinkProgress

December 6: "Occupy Our Homes" National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet


Ed Schultz and Alan Grayson on Luntz's "99% for Dummies": His Tricks Won't Work This Time
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet


Teen Contraceptive Use Goes Up, Birth Rates Come Down
By Martha Kempner | RH Reality Check


Evidence the GOP Field Is Truly a Circus: Donald Trump Signs on to Moderate a Republican Debate
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet

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