Nov 19, 2011


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November 18, 2011


Season of the Psycho Bitch

Would you like some psycho bitch with your turkey and stuffing? Well, Crackle's got plenty of 'em in this extra special holiday collection. This week, we give thanks for stalker roommates (Single White Female), coke-snorting mean girls (Cruel Intentions) and taut, busty serial killers (Wild Things II). Just remember - if you can survive the crazy, psycho bitch sex is the wildest there is…gobble gobble.

Single White FemaleWatch Now

A whip-smart take on the stalker from hell genre emboldened by a creepily inspired turn from Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Rated R

Single White Female 2Watch Now

A psycho killer thriller of unrelenting obsession, spiked with hot babes, a helping of violence and a touch of skin.
Rated R

Cruel IntentionsWatch Now

Definitely not another teen movie, never has the genre seen something as bodaciously twisty and playfully evil as this.
Rated R

Wild Things IIWatch Now

Richards and Campbell may be gone but the multiple double-crosses, sticky Everglades humidity and hotties in heat remain.
Rated R

Wild Things: Diamons In The RoughWatch Now

Never a dull moment and a few quite memorable ones in believe it or not the 4th entry in the sexy noir series.
Rated R

Girl, InterruptedWatch Now

A superbly acted and thought-provoking flight over the cuckoo's nest that netted Angelina Jolie an Oscar® (2000, Best Actress In A Supporting Role).
Rated R

Candy StripersWatch Now

Sex and horror are two great tastes that go great together.
Rated R

MothraWatch Now

Genuine classic cinema that melds Japanese mythology with monster movie magic.
Not Rated


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