Nov 7, 2011

Listen to a song off the OGEEZ new CD

Listen To A Song Off Our New CD
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"Be With Me"
The OGeeZ



Steve & Lew

From The OGeeZ

All Over The Map
"The OGeeZ are a talented twosome from California consisting of guitarist-composer Steve Gerick and lead singer and lyricist Lew Witter. Presently working in the San Francisco Bay Area, this studio act writes and records a healthy combination of songs in the genres of rock, pop and R&B. Their original work is the product of their desire to produce what they call "a counter-culture sound" that demonstrates their "desire to avoid the status quo" in the music industry as well as their diverse backgrounds. "  — William Phoenix, LA Examiner
"Two songs from our upcoming album All Over the Map can be heard on the hot Internet radio station based in L.A. Radiobuzzd. Can you tune in at"  — The OGeeZ Press
"THE OGeeZ informed me that although their full release is The Seven Deadly Sins (, "we have no religious agenda with our message. Our message is meant to be thought-provoking, but whimsical." The OGeeZ, at their best, are a funk outfit (founded on the classic rock duo of Lew Witter/vox and Steve Gerick/music) based in SF. Except for the two or three verses here and there where they break into rap for a couple of stanzas, they're a good listen. Obviously, there is a theme here, the better ones being lust ("Is This Lust or Is This Love?") and the relationship discord of pride ("Pride Gets in My Way). Most of the other cuts range from R&B to further funk, and then there is the Latino-beat themed sloth ("There's Always Manana"). As they say, "we have chosen a more contemporary approach to our music poetry in which we want our music to complement and enhance our storytelling." I don't know how well this will go over with the under-30 crowd, but I found i"  — Robert Barry Francos, The Quite Corner
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