Nov 17, 2011

Fwd: Cheat Sheet - Occupy Wall Street Goes for Broke

Today: Israel's Secret Iran Attack Plan: Electronic Warfare, Cops: McQueary Didn't Call Us, Arab League Delays Syria Suspension
The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet: Morning

November 17, 2011

The freshly evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters may not have a home, but they're booked solid Thursday. Tens of thousands of 99 percenters are planning a citywide event that will begin Thursday morning on the two-month anniversary of the movement. The march will start in the financial district, with the goal of interfering with the workday. By midday, protesters will target public transportation hubs, while students are urged to stage walkouts. The demonstrators will converge on lower Manhattan's Foley Square where a rally will take place—backed by the city's unions and reportedly supported by a permit.


For much of the last decade, as Iran methodically built its nuclear program, Israel has been assembling a multibillion-dollar array of high-tech weapons that would allow it to jam, blind, and deafen Tehran's defenses in the case of a preemptive aerial strike. The Daily Beast's Eli Lake talks to U.S. intelligence officials about the new front in electronic warfare.


Although the grand-jury indictment against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky said ex-colleague Mike McQueary never reported Sandusky's alleged sexual assault on a child to police, McQueary spoke out in an email this week to say that he spoke with police after stopping the assault. But State College, Pa., Police Chief Tom King said Wednesday that no one in his department had spoken with McQueary. "Absolutely not. We don't have any records of him coming to us," he said. Penn State also put out a statement Wednesday saying McQueary had never contacted police. According to The New York Times, police approached McQueary years later after finding a comment on an Internet message board suggesting he had witnessed wrongdoing in the locker room.


The Arab League said last Saturday it would suspend Syria from its ranks, but has it? The Associated Press thinks so, saying the organization confirmed Wednesday that it has suspended Syria and given its government three days to end violence—what it calls "a surprisingly harsh and highly unusual move." The New York Times, however, says the three-day extension is a "surprise reprieve" that "effectively delayed Syria's suspension." The League is hoping Syria will use the extra time to withdraw troops from cities, stop firing on protesters, and accept civilian and military monitors. The group has not said what will happen if Syria refuses.


Alleged White House shooter Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez "hates" the president, a law enforcement official tells The Washington Post. "[He] hates the president, he hates Washington, he hates society," the official says. Ortega-Hernandez was picked up in Pennsylvania four days after allegedly firing two AK-47 rounds at the White House. Law-enforcement officials initially searched the Occupy D.C. campground near the White House to see if he was linked to the protest but have found no connection between him and the group.

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