Sep 24, 2011

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Week ending Friday September 23, 2011   

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  1. Tim Karr: Welcome to Your Hungarian Internet

  2. Jim Hightower: DuPont's Herbicide Goes Rogue

  3. John Nichols: Thousands Cheer Bernie Sanders' Appeal to Obama, Super Committee: Make the Rich Pay for Deficits

  4. Richard Wolff: The Truth about 'Class War' in America

  5. Robert Fisk: Why the Middle East Will Never Be the Same Again

  6. David Michael Green: All the Bad News That's Fit to Print

  7. Glenn Greenwald: The Geithner Mystery Solved

  8. Frances Moore Lappé: The Food Movement: Its Power and Possibilities

  9. David Benjamin: The End of Economics: Down Reagan's Rabbit Hole

  10. George Monbiot: A Billionaires' Coup in the US

Readers' Choice / Most Read News...
  1. Wall Street Protesters Inspired by Arab Spring Movement
    It worked in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Now, taking their cue from social-media fueled uprisings in places like Egypt and Iran, a band of online activists hopes it will work on Wall Street.

  2. Obama Targets Wealthy With 'Buffett Tax'
    The populist measure, which some say is designed to appeal to voters, will propose a new tax on people making more than $1m a year as part of his deficit recommendations to Congress on Monday.

  3. Republicans Cry 'Class Warfare' Over Millionaire Tax
    Leading Republicans on Sunday spurned as "class warfare" an administration proposal dubbed "the Buffet rule" that would ensure millionaires are taxed at the same rate as the middle class.

  4. Rise of the Super Weeds Skyrocketing Toxic Chemical Use
    An estimated 11 million acres are infested with "super weeds," some of which grow several inches in a day. These weeds boost costs and cut crop yields.

  5. Progressives Vow to Challenge Obama in Democratic Primaries
    The proposal seeks to have a slate of six candidates run against President Obama, each representing a field in which Obama has drifted toward the corporatist right.

  6. US Murder of Troy Davis Sparks International Outrage
    Troy Davis may be dead, but his execution Thursday in the American state of Georgia has made him the poster boy for the global movement to end the death penalty.

  7. Occupy Wall Street Day 5: The Protesters Speak
    The encampment in the square looks ramshackle but in fact is highly organized, and looks rapidly on the way to becoming a fixture of downtown Manhattan life – if the police let the protesters stay there.

  8. Bill Gates to Support "Robin Hood" Tax
    The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist appears poised to endorse the adoption of a controversial financial transactions tax (FTT) to be used as a new source of development aid for poor countries.

  9. Corporate Media Blackout of Ongoing Wall Street Protest
    Thousands of activists continue to Occupy Wall Street, but you wouldn't know much about this from the corporate media--outlets that seem much more interested in Tea Party protests.

  10. Tens of Thousands March Against Nuclear Power in Tokyo
    The demonstration underscores how deeply a Japanese public long accustomed to nuclear power has been affected by the March 11 crisis, when a tsunami caused meltdowns at three nuclear reactors.

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