Sep 19, 2011

Fwd: Cheat Sheet - Bill O'Reilly's Civil War

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  Also: Obama Unveils $3 Trillion Debt Plan
The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet: Afternoon

September 19, 2011

The Fox News host thinks America is in dire straits—and what it needs is a history lesson. In this week's Newsweek, he tells Peter J. Boyer about his new book and why he likes Obama.


At a press briefing at the White House Monday, President Obama formally announced a package revealed over the weekend to trim $3 trillion off the federal deficit over the next several years. Picking up on the theme of his recent jobs speech, Obama demanded that Congress move on the act immediately. "They should pass it right away. I'm ready to sign a bill," the president said. He said he had hoped to reach an agreement on a "grand bargain" during the debt-ceiling debate, but that House Speaker John Boehner "walked away from a balanced package." The president stressed the necessity of new revenue to solve the budget crisis, and said he would veto any bill that didn't bring in new money. "We can't cut our way out of this hole," he said. The new proposal would establish a minimum tax rate on millionaires to avoid loopholes, and would make cuts to entitlements and Pentagon spending. Obama said the bill would cut $2 in government spending for every $1 in new revenue.


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