Sep 20, 2011


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Subject: Cheat Sheet - Exclusive: Federal Official Says White House Gave Him 'Guidance' on Dem Donor's Project

  Also: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Ends , Obama Girds for GOP Confrontation , Terrorist Attack in Turkish Capital
The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet: Morning

September 20, 2011

First it was a four-star general, and now a federal agency official says the White House sought changes to his testimony on a wireless project tied to Philip Falcone, the billionaire Democratic donor. The Daily Beast's Eli Lake reports.

Gay Rights

At midnight Tuesday, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" expired, and Navy Lt. Gary Ross married his boyfriend of 11 years in Vermont. The couple had traveled from their home in Arizona so they could openly marry before their loved ones. Also one minute after midnight, gay-rights activist J.D. Smith dropped his pseudonym: He is Lt. Josh Seefried, a 25-year-old who helped found an underground group of 4,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender servicemen and women. Gay-rights groups will celebrate the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" on Tuesday. During its 18 years as policy DADT led to the removal of some 13,000 men and women from the military.


President Obama may finally have given "the professional left" what it wanted: His speech Monday calling for deficit reduction was "the clearest sign yet that Obama has taken a very sharp populist turn as he seeks to frame the contrast between the parties heading into 2012," Greg Sargent writes at The Washington Post. Whereas the president, previously, has made clear at the start of negotiations his willingness to cede ground on core liberal principles, now he is standing by them and actively seeking a confrontation with Republicans over them. Sargent points out that Obama's gambit isn't only to please his liberal base; it's to win over independents too, who largely support raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans.


At least two people are dead and dozens more wounded after what police suspect was a bomb attack in the Turkish capital of Ankara Tuesday. The explosion went off in the center of the city; police have since put out the fire. No group has come forward to claim responsibility; Islamists, Kurds, or leftists have all carried out bombings in the past.


Ron Suskind's book Confidence Men continues to ruffle feathers in the Obama administration: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Suskind's White House expose is full of "sad, little stories" and "bear[s] no resemblance to the reality we lived." Suskind alleges in the book that Geithner never followed through on President Obama's instructions to prepare plans for dismantling Citigroup, and a top banker calls Geithner "our man in Washington." Separately, The Washington Post corroborates some of the book's account of women's alienation in the Obama administration: It says several female staffers confronted Obama in November 2009 over the fact that men seemed to enjoy greater access to him. Afterwards, the president worked to incorporate them more into White House and campaign business. 

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