Sep 30, 2011

CRACKLE: Puff And Pass

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September 30, 2011

Puff And Pass


Puff And Pass

Movies come and go around here like smoke in the breeze and you can't mess up the rotation. That means the foul mouth stoners of Pineapple Express are on their way out along with the foul mouth stoners of Easy Rider to make room for an exciting October lineup. (More foul mouth stoners are on their way, don't you worry). September's just about up so get to watching. It's your last chance to say sayonara to Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid II & III and bid farewell to Bad Boys as it rides off into the setting…giant slow-motion explosion.

Pinapple ExpressWatch Now

Seth Rogen and James Franco are toking jokesters on the run in an unpredictable action comedy with wit and weed to burn.
Rated R

The Karate Kid IIWatch Now

Mr. Miyagi and Daniel's father/son dynamic deepens in this thrilling Okinawa-set sequel that just may outkick the first.
Rated PG

The Karate Kid IIIWatch Now

Daniel-san learns new karate techniques and more life lessons in the final installment of the original franchise.
Rated PG

CliffhangerWatch Now

The most spectacular and dangerous helicopter stunts ever filmed and Stallone at his action best make this a must watch.
Rated R

Bad BoysWatch Now

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence re-invent the buddy cop dynamic in Michael Bay's gleefully A.D.D. directorial debut.
Rated R

Mr. DeedsWatch Now

Adam Sandler does what he does best in a fish-out-of-water tale that stands as one of his most underrated jokefests.
Rated PG

I SpyWatch Now

Owen Wilson helps Eddie Murphy rediscover the funny in an action-comedy stoked by the great chemistry of its two stars.
Rated PG-13

RudyWatch Now

An underdog sports movie that joins the classic ranks of The Natural and Hoosiers.
Rated PG


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Breakout (PG)
The Tailor Of Panama (R)
Already Dead (R)
And Justice For All (R)
Arlington Road (R)

space REC

Screamers (R)
Silverado (PG-13)
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters (R)
Blue Thunder (R)
Body Double (R)  

space White Line Fever

The Last Time (R)
Guarding Tess (PG-13)
California Split (R)
Impact Point (R)
Mary Reilly (R)


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