Sep 17, 2011


Week ending Friday September 16, 2011   

Readers' Choice / Most Read Views...

  1. Michelle Chen: Ten Years On, Sick Ground Zero Workers Still Without Proper Care

  2. Paul Krugman: The Years of Shame

  3. Chris Hedges: A Decade After 9/11: We Are What We Loathe

  4. John Atcheson: The Fall of the United States

  5. Matt Taibbi: The $2 Billion UBS Incident: 'Rogue Trader' My Ass

  6. Dean Baker: Thomas Friedman Thinks the Tea Partiers Are Extremists of the Left

  7. Gareth Porter: The Terrorism Issue That Wasn't Discussed

  8. Bernie Sanders: Is Poverty a Death Sentence?

  9. John R. MacArthur: Some Liberals on to Obama's Betrayal of Liberalism

  10. Glenn Greenwald: Major Discovery: A Purpose of the War in Afghanistan

Readers' Choice / Most Read News...
  1. More Voices Call for Europe to Invest to Dig Out of Crisis, Rather Than Cut Spending
    Greeks 'Austerity' Plan is Proving Futile. Charles Wyplosz, a professor of economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, says it's unreasonable to ask any economy in recession to reduce its deficit.

  2. Chevron Confirms Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak
    A leak from a shallow water crude oil pipeline in the Main Pass Area of the Gulf of Mexico has led Chevron to shut down its offshore Louisiana Main Pass pipeline network, the company said this week.

  3. US Doctors: 50 Million Uninsured Need Medicare for All
    "We need more fundamental reform. We need a single-payer national health insurance program,"  says national doctors group.

  4. More Than a Million UK Workers Plan General Strike
    Millions of workers including police, firefighters, health workers, teachers and prison officers could strike over bitter pension row. Unions describe potential walk-out as 'unprecedented' in scale and 'the biggest fight of our lives' .

  5. Coral Reefs 'Will Be Gone by End of the Century'
    Coral reefs are on course to become the first ecosystem that human activity will eliminate entirely from the Earth, a leading United Nations scientist claims. Happening in this century, there are children already born who will see a world without coral.

  6. US Poverty Rate Swells to Record High
    The US poverty rate rose in 2010 to 15.1 percent, the highest rate since 1993, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday in another sign of a sputtering economy following a deep recession.

  7. Record Arctic Ice Melt Threatens Global Security
    All the analysis and commentary about safety and security on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 ignored by far the biggest ongoing threat to global security: climate change.

  8. US House Members Flock to Israel With Travel Loophole
    Four years after Congress enacted new rules barring groups that lobby from paying for House Members to take long trips, dozens of lawmakers traveled to Israel this summer with staffers and family members for tours paid for by the nonprofit arm of a pro-Israel lobbying group.

  9. Dems Rip White House Over Mortgage Crisis
    Leading House Democrats are accusing the Obama administration of ignoring the lingering mortgage crisis and threatening tens-of-millions of Americans with foreclosure in the process.

  10. GOP Unleashes Pro-Pollution, Anti-Regulation Offensive
    Republicans in Congress opened an offensive this week against government regulations, a drive finding favor with polluting industries, small businesses and some Democrats who are especially fearful about the economy.

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