Sep 28, 2011


  Today: Iran Could Send Warships to Atlantic, U.S. Fights to Keep Bin Laden Photos Secret, 14 Killed by Listeria Outbreak
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September 28, 2011

In a speech at the Reagan Library Tuesday night, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted Barack Obama as being a "bystander in the Oval Office," contrasting the president's leadership style with his own, and ran through a list of what he considers his bipartisan accomplishments in his state. Christie's rhetoric will inspire even more conservatives to view him as their savior, but The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky says it's too bad Christie is bound to break their hearts.


Iranian state-run news said Tuesday that the government will send warships to sit off the coast of the United States. "The same way that the world arrogant power is present near our marine borders, we … shall also establish a powerful presence near the marine borders of the United States," the article read. The announcement was made by Admiral Habibollah Sayari, who apparently made a similar announcement in July. In February, two Iranian warships passed through the Suez Canal for the first time since 1979.


The Obama administration was in court Tuesday, fighting a lawsuit from conservative watchdog Judicial Watch to keep photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse secret. According to the Justice Department, the CIA has located 52 images or videos, all of which are classified in order to protect agency secrets and the lives of Americans overseas. The Justice Department has asked the courts to dismiss the lawsuit.


At least 14 people have been killed so far by a deadly food-poisoning outbreak traced to cantaloupes from a Colorado farm, health officials said Tuesday. Six new deaths were added to the official count from the listeria outbreak on Tuesday, making this the deadliest food-poisoning outbreak in the U.S. in more than a decade. The listeria has been traced back to contaminated cantaloupes at Jensen Farms in Holly, Colo., which issued a voluntary recall on Sept. 14, but cantaloupes raised at the farm have been shipped to at least 25 states from California to New York. Listeria is a bacterium that causes mild illness in healthy people but can be deadly to the elderly—and most of the deaths have been people over 60.


Thousands of surface-to-air missiles are unaccounted for in Libya, according to ABC News—weapons that could be used to knock down airplanes, if they fall into the wrong hands. Libya was estimated to have 20,000 surface-to-air missiles before the revolution began in February, but the U.S. and its allies are still figuring out how many missiles exactly they need to track down. A few weeks ago, a Human Rights Watch employee reported  "Every time I arrive at one of these weapons facilities, the first thing we notice going missing is the surface-to-air missiles." The White House said Wednesday it will boost efforts to find and destroy the weapons stockpiles.


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