Sep 10, 2011



Empire of Chaos: How 9/11 Shaped the Politics For a Failing State

The neoconservative ideas that shaped the events of the politics of the war on terror have evaporated as the United States is battered by an economic depression that shows no end.READ MORE

Arun Gupta / AlterNet

Is Rick Perry's Budget Feeding Texas Wildfires? Local Fire Departments Suffer $23 Million in Cuts

In a summer of record drought and heat, did climate-change-denier Rick Perry's budget imperil public safety with millions in cuts to volunteer fire department coffers? READ MORE

Rachel Farris / AlterNet

How "Small Government" Conservatives Raise Your Taxes Through Stealthy 'Back-Door' Fees

From drivers' licenses to public schools, state and local governments are raising money any way they can--all while cutting taxes on the rich. READ MORE

Joshua Holland / AlterNet

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How Fewer Working Hours Can Save Our Health, Economy, and the Planet

Millions of Americans have lost control over the basic rhythm of their daily lives. READ MORE

By Juliet B. Schor / YES! Magazine


The 10 Worst Post-9/11 Military Contracting Boondoggles

Since 9/11, America's wars haven't brought victories, but have spawned countless scandals, scams and boondoggles. Here are the 10 worst. READ MORE

By Adam Weinstein / Mother Jones Online


New Evidence Calls Into Question Claim that AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Will Create Jobs

Despite claims by T-Mobile and AT&T, job losses in the proposed merger could exceed job gains. READ MORE

By Akito Yoshikane / In These Times

photo Herve Oudet -

Working-Class Troubadour: Speaking with Folksinger Bill Morrissey's Mother About His Life and Legacy

Marion Morrissey sheds light on her son's development into a legendary political songwriter. READ MORE

By Kristen Gwynne / AlterNet


Obama's "21st Century Trade Deals" Look a Lot Like the Same Bad Policies He Campaigned Against

Starting this week in Chicago, the US will be hosting the first major trade negotiations since the "Battle in Seattle" World Trade Organisation talks came here in 1999. READ MORE

By Timothy A. Wise, Kevin Gallagher / Comment Is Free

SEIU / Creative Commons -

Joe Biden Picks a Side, Stands With Labor in Ohio's Fight Against Right-Wing Attacks

"We've been through a lot of fights, but this is a different kind of fight," explained Biden. "This is a fight literally for our right to exist." READ MORE

By John Nichols / The Nation


40 Years After the Attica Prison Uprising: Celebrating the Heroic Courage of Prisoners Who Risked Their Lives for Justice

As we remember the unjust conditions that spurred the Attica uprising, we must focus on the alarming rate of incarceration in the US, highest in the world. READ MORE

By Anthony Papa / AlterNet

Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Jobs Speech in 35 Seconds
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet


Statistically, You Have a Better Chance of Being Executed by Rick Perry Than Dying in an Airplane Crash
By Joshua Holland | AlterNet


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Thoughts on Obama's Speech and the American Jobs Act
By digby | Hullabaloo


Colbert: "Mentioning Executions to Republicans Is Like Saying 'Pot' to the Audience of the Daily Show"
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet


Wisconsin Official Tells DMV Employees to "Refrain From Offering" Information on Free Voter IDs
By Chris Bowers | Daily Kos


Our Homophobic World: Christian School Pressures Student to Drop Out Because She's Gay
By Lauren Kelley | AlterNet

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