Aug 22, 2011

@tqnews? @tqfriends? I GET SO CONFUSED!? (With update)

@tqnews is my account that is connected to my other networks. (Facebook, MySpace et. al.) and is, once again, being used mainly to monitor primary news sources.
@tqfriends  is used to monitor the people on twitter that I've found particularly pleasant and interactive.  I'll be adding many of my friends from long ago, in spite of the fact that many are no longer active.
I use Tweetdeck and run separate columns for both accounts, and because Tweetdeck has never seen fit to offer a "Sent" column, I have a third account to do nothing but monitor my other two, thereby giving me a default method of seeing my own timelines.
I'm often asked whether I want you to follow both accounts, and the short answer is yes. My content will continue to become increasingly separated, as @tqnews is feeding a Facebook segment who are regional and personal and I'm trying to drive real-life traffic to my blogs. (see sidebar)
So...I can see you because you're in one place, but if you want to see all my content, you must follow both.
Hope that clears up any questions.
Keep on Tweeting, Mamas! (and Papas!)

UPDATE: August 28, 2011 at 14:38 EDT
This didn't work out as well as I wanted it to, so I've changed the details.
@tqfriends will follow a maximum of 40.
For one reason because my account is linked to it, and wish to limit that publication to my core 40.
@tqnews will follow everyone followed from @tqfriends as well as everyone following EITHER account.
So I'm following everyone's twitter account from two different accounts, because it's easier than trying to keep everything separated. Viva la duplication! 8)


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