Jun 26, 2011


I think often that the divide in our country is only going to get worse. I'm pretty certain that the 2012 election will still find President Obama in place and may even see us regaining control of the House and Senate. But I don't think the margins will be very large, and the loss of their 2010 gains will serve to infuriate the Right in all it's many guises. The Rich--The Powerful--The Fox News and Conservative talk-radio apparatus will be Howard Bealing over their failure to prevail. I wonder where our military personnel, enlisted and officer corps, and our young veterans, will stand if the extreme nut cases, channeling their best Ted Nugent, try to play Argentina. After all, the Conservative base probably has five times the firepower we do. Let's hope our highly-trained soldiers lean more toward sanity and reason than they do toward Patriotic day dreams and religious fundamentalism. Armageddon? Is it where we're heading?

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