Jan 29, 2011

TQ PIX (Scam?)

Some of the more creative crap that ends up in one mailbox or another.

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From: bloomington.vi <no-reply@citymediafdt.org>
Date: Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 8:22 AM
Subject: TQ PIX
To: "bigredjbird@gmail.com" <bigredjbird@gmail.com>

Following the many responses we received, we decided to offer to future Administrators a better way to collaborate. You are no longer asked to pay annually to ensure you stay your Site's Administrator :
1. As a token of your motivation to develop your city's video site, you have a certain amount to pay when you become the Administrator (This amount is available on your city's site:bloomington.vi).
2. Once you are the Site Administrator, all payments made from business accounts created on your Site are used to refund your payment. Professionals pay to be listed in the business directory and buy ads display under Site's videos (see winnipeg.vi). You set your own prices, eg $10 per professional referenced.
3. Once you got your money back, then you can collect 2/3 of revenues earned from business accounts. The remaining third of the revenues will return to our foundation for the operation, development and promotion of the City.vi network.
In addition, you can earn extra income by posting promotional videos (eg for hotels and restaurants) and also by referencing other sites on the links page.
The purpose of your Site is to become the first Site on which your fellow citizens rely on to keep them informed of what's happening around them. It will be necessary you get your Site up to date and cover as effectively as possible all the information of public interest related to your city. But rest assured our goal is to support you in this task and to advise you.
These changes are the guarantee of our shared success and will bring you more serenity in the management of your Site.
These changes also mean that the delegation of the City.vi sites now works on a First come, first served basis. Be quick to visit your city's site...
Best regards,
Vicki Karlin
City.vi Manager
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