Jan 29, 2011

Fwd: Seesmic Web Updates - Schedule Posts, Autocomplete and more

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Seesmic Logo Newsletter January 27, 2010

Dear Team Seesmic Friends,

The newest version of Seesmic Web comes with some major features to manage your online social presence. From the ability to schedule your posts to adding unlimited Facebooks accounts, you'll find Seesmic Web continues to be a powerful yet easy-to-use application service.

Just login as you normally would to see the updates, if there are any issues please try a shift refresh or if issues still persist, please clear your browser cache and log back in to ensure you can see the changes.

Updates to Seesmic Web 1.0 include:

  • Scheduled messages to post to your networks
  • Autocomplete your Twitter usernames
  • Klout integration
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Adding unlimited Facebook accounts
  • Direct Messages received timeline
  • Drag and drop images to the status bar for posting
  • See.sc url shortener

Scheduled Posts 

Maximize the timing of your published post by scheduling your messages to reach your online followers. Simply write the post, select the networks, the day and the hour you plan to publish and you're done - the post will be sent on schedule!

Seesmic web schedule

Seesmic web pending

Autocomplete Usernames

With the challenge of remembering usernames, Seesmic Web offers a useful feature that automatically lists out usernames when creating a message. Type @ followed by letters in the compose box to search through the users you're following for their username and full name and select the user.

Seesmic Web - Autocomplete usernames

Klout Integration

Klout is a service that allows users to track the impact of their opinions, links and recommendations across their social graph. Know who the influencers are in Seesmic Web by viewing the Klout scores within your Twitter stream. Search for more detailed Klout information by viewing the details within the Contacts Manager.

Direct Messages received timeline

Our Messages tab has always been a helpful feature to manage direct messages (DM) in a threaded conversation view. After listening to user feedback, you can now view them as a separate column in the home feed. You can also directly reply to the message from the same column to ensure your messages stay private.

Seesmic web DM

Unlimited Multiple Facebook Accounts

If you manage more than one Facebook account, you can now manage them all in one dashboard in Seesmic Web, together with all your other networks.

Seesmic web multiple FB acc

Drag and Drop for instant upload with Google Chrome 

You're in a hurry and the picture you want to send out sits comfortably on your desktop? Drag and drop the picture in the status bar of Seesmic Web, and it will be uploaded instantly. 

Seesmic Web - Drag and Drop a picture

Keyboard Shortcuts and See.sc url shortener 

For power users who want to optimize their ability to scan through columns of messages, you can now press "Shift + ?" to get a list of initial keyboard shortcuts and use Seesmic Web just through the power of your keyboard. We look forward to providing more keyboard shortcuts in the future.

Seesmic Web - Shortcuts

See.sc url shortener
If you're also looking for a different link shortener service, Seesmic Web gives you the ability to select the one which suits you best - either bit.ly or See.sc url shortener.

A special "Thank you!" also goes out to our Translation Team that never lets us down and always manages to finish the task of bringing Seesmic Web up to date - internationally speaking that is! 

How does this sound? All your networks into one tab, an intuitive interface and unlimited number of Twitter and Facebook accounts. Is there anything else missing? If you think so, drop a line at @askseesmic and we're sure to pay attention.

We're looking forward to more updates coming very soon!

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