Nov 21, 2010


Although this too is a blog, I use it as a sort of XLTweet application. There isn't any archive, nor is there a comment function. I may review that subsequently, but for now I try to keep it simple.
Anyway, I'll give you a little preview of what I'll be concentrating on for the next few days.
Tomorrow makes 47 years since Dallas. I'll be using to public blogs to review (for myself) and remind (for others) that for some of us, it doesn't seem so very long ago. The Pic is of A. Philip Randolph, head of the Pullman Porters Union and the force behind the March on Washington in the Summer of '63. Four friends and I, having driven all night from Bloomington, IN, spent 16 hours alongside Mr. Randolph and his group in a line that formed in front of the Supreme Court Building and broke up on the Mall side of the Capitol Building at about 3 am on November 25, 1963. Our group just serendipitously was in the rotunda when Mrs. Kennedy came to the casket for a few minutes in the middle of that sad night.

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