Sep 11, 2010


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SOLOMON JOHNSON STEBBINS went to Watertown, New York, at
the age of eleven to live with his sister, Mrs. Van Buren. He attended school
until thirteen years old, then entered the hardware store of his brother-in-
law, Mr. Van Buren. In 1856 Mr. Van Buren moved his business to Quincy,
Illinois, MR. STEBBINS continuing in the store there until 1858, when Mr.
Van Buren went out of business.

During the years 1859, 1860, 1861 and 1862 he attended the Dearborn
public school and Hathaway 's Academy in Chicago, working on a farm sum-
mers in order to pay his expenses during the winters.

On March 1, 1862, he accepted a position ia the hardware store of H. 0.
Stone on the corner of Lake and State streets. In 1869 he entered into a
partnership with Mr. B. C. Jones, who conducted a hardware store and tin
shop on State street near 12th. In 1884 they removed their business to 231
State street. Mr. Jones died in 1885, and Mr. Stebbins purchased his in-
terest in the business. In 1892 he removed to the present location, 74 Van
Buren street, and in 1894 incorporated the S. J. Stebbins Company.


4324. I. Harriet Elizabeth, born December 4, 1866; married Elbert Gran-
ville Drew.
Orson Burchard, born May 4, 1868 ; married Nellie A. Cline.
Charles Albert, born August 16, 1874.
Wallace Jay, born February 13, 1881.
Frederick Jones, born October 16, 1883.
Elsie Carolyn, born March 1, 1890.

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