Aug 30, 2010

FACEBOOK SCORECARD (can't tell the players without one)

Here's a breakdown of what I'm doing on Facebook.
There are 2 accounts in the name Terry Travers.
The one with my cute little face on it is my primary for IRLs (non family)
The one with "Entering Spencer" on it has been superceded and is slowly being transferred to the other.
Both Walls and Photo tabs are Public.
Terry A. Travers is private for offspring and CT friends.
Terry Allyn Travers is private for cousins with whom I pursue genealogical research besides just shmoozing.
Red Jane Bird, of course, is my capricious third daughter, whose adventures as a cold war brat bouncing back and forth between Bloomington, Indiana and Magnitogorsk in the Soviet Union may someday see the printed page.  In the meantime I use her to connect with selected virtual friends who are "in on" my fictional family members..
And...TQ NEWSCORP is my "Page," which I hope you'll "Like."  I plan (and we know what happens to plans, don't we?) to use this as my primary posting medium in conjunction with Tweetdeck. Nuf said?
Next I'm going to put up a scorecard relative to my 7 blogs.

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