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Apr 23, 2010


TQNEWS. ( MOTHER SHIP. Links to the other five public blogs.

TQNEWS2 ( SECONDARY. Takes the overflow and ditches the sidebar for larger display.

TQARTS. ( ART, but not always.

SADIE BROWN'S BLOG. ( MUSIC, weighted toward the 60's and 70's, but not always.

SPENCER NEXUS. ( SPENCER, MA. Aimed at my locals and my FB people.

CORMEY NEXUS2. ( WILD CARD. Genealogy and Retro Vids.

TQ ( Unindexed. It functions as a message board and omnibus blog. 

The rules are very loose and you might find links coming from any and all blogs when I get on a roll.
I hope this primer is helpful in grocking the TQ method.

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