Jan 22, 2015


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Falchuk for Governor
United Independent Party

Dear Terry,
Your voice matters, but too often, it doesn't feel like enough people are listening. That's why we founded the United Independent Party - and with your help, we made history in the 2014 election.  
Now, we're working hard to organize people in cities and towns across the Commonwealth, and taking real action on the issues people care about.  
Do you want your voice heard on whether the Olympics should come to Massachusetts? We do - and we're leading the charge to get a vote on it.  
Wherever you live there's probably an organizing meeting in the works. We are offering you the chance to build this new movement with your ideas, your energy and your determination.
Will you be part of supporting this movement?  A donation of any size will help us represent your voice, and the voice of so many other people like you.  
Please donate today.
Thank you - we are so honored by your confidence and your support.
Evan Falchuk
United Independent Party
711 Atlantic Avenue, Lower Level, Boston, MA 02111

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Jan 19, 2015

Fwd: Why God Is Black, How King Got His Name, MLK's 'Civil Rights Twin'

Want to chat with Bernie Sanders? RSVP now.

Subject: Want to chat with Bernie Sanders? RSVP now.
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Terry --

Five years ago, the Supreme Court issued their catastrophic Citizens United decision. Since that day, one Senator has been in many ways the face of the movement to repeal it -- and people have never listened to him more closely than they do right now.

Senator Bernie Sanders has always been a merciless critic of Citizens United. Back in 2012, 84,350 Democracy for America members signed on to his campaign to push Congress to repeal the decision and bring common sense back to our campaign finance laws.

And now that he is the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Sanders has a new platform from which he can publicize his unabashedly progressive policy positions -- and make politicians and press on the right and on the left listen.

That's why we're excited to announce that on Wednesday, January 21, we will be hosting a very special DFA Live call with Sen. Sanders -- on the night after President Obama's State of the Union address to the nation. On this special call, we will talk about the president's speech, the impact of Citizens United, the Republican-controlled Congress, and how we can win in 2016 and beyond.

Do you want to be a part of DFA's exclusive conversation with Sen. Bernie Sanders? Then click here now to RSVP for our DFA Live call on Wednesday, January 21 at 8pm ET.

The Senate has only been in session for a couple of weeks, but already Sen. Sanders is making his presence known as he challenges Democrats and Republicans alike from the left.

On the Budget Committee, he is inviting progressive activists and "deficit owls" onto the panel that writes the government's budget. And on the floor of the Senate, he is already forcing Republicans to take difficult votes -- for example, forcing Keystone XL supporters go on the record explicitly as to whether or not they believe climate change is real.

As the political world begins to focus more and more on the upcoming 2016 presidential election, there's no question: Sen. Bernie Sanders' voice will carry more weight than ever.

This will definitely be a remarkable conversation with Sen. Sanders -- he will even be taking members' questions live on the call! So don't miss out: Sign up now for our DFA Live call on Wednesday, January 21 at 8pm ET.

Thanks for all that you do. And I hope you'll join us next Wednesday night!

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America
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