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Jan 23, 2018

Trump’s First Year: How It Has Affected You

Environment, immigration, economics: Where the president has made his mark.
President Trump’s to-do list is only partially complete, but the unconventional candidate-turned-unpredictable president has changed Americans’ lives in many ways during his first year in office.
Felipe Dana/AP


A three-day government shutdown, which Congress voted to end on Monday, was caused mainly by a disagreement on immigration policy. Senate Democrats ultimately supported a stopgap spending measure after assurances that there would be further action on the issue. One program at stake: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which Trump said he would end on March 5. Trump has also altered policy on refugees. Migrant rights advocates warn that President Trump's attempts to shut down the refugee resettlement program will have long-term consequences.

The year the U.S. refugee resettlement program unraveled
LA Johnson/NPR


Trump’s nomination and the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as education secretary was one of the biggest education stories of the year. As secretary, DeVos rescinded Obama-era guidance for schools on transgender rights, and has repeatedly invoked school choice – though the administration has yet to institute federal policy changes that would lead to more money for charter schools or private schools. DeVos also began a "regulatory reset" on Obama-era rules for for-profit schools.

The biggest education stories of 2017 and 2018
Dan Charles/NPR


The stock market has been doing well under Trump, though it’s hard to tie that directly to Trump’s policies. The administration has rolled back bank regulations that could affect consumers, including a recent proposal on payday lenders. One of the biggest financial moves Trump made was signing the Republican tax bill.

The tax plan will affect everyone, but will it grow the economy?
Scott Olson/Getty Images


The Republican tax bill that was signed into law in December ended the penalty for not having health insurance starting in 2019. Health insurance is mandatory under the Affordable Care Act, but the so-called individual mandate is widely unpopular. Trump has declared Obamacare “repealed,” but it is not. In fact, in December enrollment was high for the federal insurance exchange.

ACA enrollment defies expectations for supporters and opponents
Martin Meissner/AP


President Trump and a trio of Cabinet members have made headway in their campaign for American fossil fuel "energy dominance." The administration also ordered the largest national monument reduction in U.S. history, scaling back two land monuments in Utah – quickly spurring a battle over the legality of the decision.

Trump’s busy year on energy and environment
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Jan 21, 2018

Powering the civil rights movement, one plate of soul food at a time

Georgia Gilmore's underground network of home cooks sold food across Montgomery, Ala., then funneled the money to Martin Luther King Jr. and others running a boycott of the city's buses – all without raising the suspicions of their white employers.
Jane Arraf/NPR

After ISIS took dozens of his relatives prisoner, this Yazidi beekeeper became a search-and-rescue specialist

Abdullah Shrim worked first with cigarette smugglers, then built up a network of bakeries. The door-to-door saleswomen they hired were able to get into homes, identify kidnapped women and children, and help them make a plan to escape. ISIS killed six of his operatives and the group regularly threatens to kill him.

"But I think my life is worth nothing compared to a tear from the eye of a 12-year-old girl who has been raped," he says.

Olivier Douliery/Pool/Getty Images

A failure, a divider, a friend to the rich: how Americans see Trump after one year in office

Respondents to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll had mostly harsh things to say about the president, disapproving of his tax plan, his tweets, and his impacts on U.S. race relations, health care and much more.

His base is still solidly behind him, but likely can't carry many Republicans to wins in November.

Courtesy of BMJ Case Reports

Don’t stifle that sneeze

No, your eyes won’t pop out, but you can really injure yourself — as this instance of a man rupturing his throat shows. The air that sneeze would have blasted forth instead made its way into his soft tissue as tiny bubbles.

It’s not surprising, given that our sneezes spray out at 40 miles per hour


A civil rights-era bus boycott required a new transit network — and a way to pay for it. That’s where Georgia Gilmore came in.

Selling pound cakes and sweet potato pies, fried fish and stewed greens, pork chops and rice, Gilmore and her secret cell of home cooks funded the cars that kept Montgomery’s black residents moving until buses were officially desegregated. And all under the noses of their white bosses and landlords.

That is, until Gilmore’s bold testimony at boycott leader Martin Luther King Jr.’s trial

John Minchillo/AP

At first it was a struggle to keep her alive, but today this prematurely born hippo is fat and happy

When Fiona was born at the Cincinnati Zoo a year ago, she weighed 29 pounds. Most newborn hippopotamuses weigh two to four times as much. But she survived, thrived and became an Internet sensation. Today she weighs a healthy 650 pounds.

She proves right the hundreds of young letter-writers, themselves born premature, who told Fiona: "I made it, and you will, too."
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Jan 20, 2018

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A Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Found Appropriately at Sacred Heart Cemetery in West Brookfield, MA

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